Market By Market. Mile By Mile.

Grandview employs a disciplined approach to investing capital.

  • Data-driven fundamental market research
    and analysis
  • Ground up, “reality-based” valuation of potential investments
  • Emphasis on properties located in markets with strong demographic trends, local and regional infrastructure investment and strong structural supply demand fundamentals
  • Focus on assets capable of transitioning from less to more institutional over investment period
  • Operations drive value enhancement at the real estate level, whether through superior management or development/redevelopment
  • Maximizing exit options, development and reposition timelines so disposition can be more flexible across market cycles

Non-Core strategy with modest leverage:

Grandview has, in recent years, focused largely on development while maintaining a conservative loan-to-cost ratio. Grandview does not rely on financing to drive the investment decision. Grandview uses leverage as one of several tools to enhance returns but does not view it as a strategy unto itself. A well-formed balance sheet underpins our ability to tailor asset-level financing decisions to current market conditions.